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Testimonials from 2020

When I started learning Danish I was an absolute beginner. I am suprised how much I have learned during the first two modules with teacher Nina Maria Preda. I know understand Danish, which is a very difficult language, at a conversational level – and I am extremely happy about that. 

Margareta Szasz – chief accountant, Romania


 I have been part of the online group course. When I decided to learn Danish everybody told me that it is a very difficult language and almost impossible to learn. Now after the first module with Nina Maria I can tell you that I really desire to learn Danish, because everything is at a medium difficulty. 

The fact that the teacher knows very well Romanian is fantastic; it helps you to learn pronunciation and grammar rules comparing these two languages.

I highly recommend the team Vikingro!

Claudia Roman – police officer, Romania


 I have tried learning Danish at two different language schools in Denmark, but I have not connected with any teacher as well as I have connected with Nina. The teaching method is very professional and the teacher is very aware of the student’s needs and way of learning, adapting to the particularities of each person.

Ana Maria Todor – programmer, Denmark

Testimonials from 2019

I was very happy about the manual. It has many colorful pictures, is well organized and treats many different useful subjects. The book combines writing, listening and speaking, and I have learned many necessary things making interesting, fun and useful exercises with my teacher. 

Bianca Durac – psychiatrist in training, Romania 


It was a very useful course. I have learned very practical and useful things, and I have heard the original accent. I recommend this course to beginners, because the basics of the language are well taught. 

Antonia Șandra – highschool student, Romania


I really liked the course support. The book has many colorful images, it is well structured. I like that it approaches different topics and capitalizes on them as much as possible. The words with the related images are presented, then long texts from which I learned a lot of things. Although it has many exercises, the materials are well structured combining the writing part, the reading part with the audio part and the speaking part. I repeated and learned useful things from the grammar of the Danish language but also repeating always with the teacher and doing many interesting, fun and useful exercises, I progressed slowly in understanding the Danish language.

Loredana, psychiatrist, Romania

Testimonials from 2018

The teaching method differs from a classic course in Romania. The teacher flexibility enables and encourages the student’s own rhythm. I recommend this course to everybody, who wants to learn the Danish language in a fast and easy way. 

Alexandra Hurdu – doctor, Denmark


It is an interesting and interactive course, which establishes the foundation for learning Danish through communication. The teacher is very good and the method of teaching well structured. 

High school student, Romania


I warmly recommend this course. I was able to learn very much in a very short time. The fact that the teacher is a native speaker helps a lot. 

University student of Architecture, Romania

Testimonials from 2017

I have learned Danish with the teacher Nina Maria and can warmly recommend the company VIKINGRO for their Danish courses.  

Together with my husband and my child I was able to learn Danish in a pleasant atmosphere, in a record time and most importantly directly from Romanian. In Denmark the Danish language is taught in English in the beginning, so I consider myself lucky to have learned the language directly from Romanian and with a young native Danish teacher.  

Claudia Cristescu – economist, Denmark


The course is superlative. The teacher is didactic, flexible, spontaneous and creative. I am very pleased.

Valeriu Panoiu – astrologer, Romania

Testimonials from 2016

My name is Cristina Oprea and I work as orthopedic surgeon in Aalborg in Denmark. I have learned Danish with Nina Maria and deeply recommend the company VIKINGRO for their Danish courses. I have been able to learn easy, fast and in a pleasant atmosphere. Even after module 1, I was able to answer questions from native speakers. 

The courses helped me to lay the foundation for learning Danish, but also to integrate faster in the Danish society. 

Cristina Oprea orthopedic surgeon, Denmark.


Professionalism, seriousness and pleasant atmosphere are the key words.
Georgeta Iladie – economist, Denmark


Maximum professionalism, I recommend anyone with confidence!
Anca Toma – Sales Representative, Romania

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