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I started with the Danish language from an absolute zero and I am amazed how much I managed to learn during the first 2 modules. Now I understand Danish, which is a very difficult language for a Romanian, on a conversational level and I am very happy about that.

Chief Accountant, Romania


I participated in the online group course. When I decided to start learning Danish everyone around me tried to explain me how hard it is and that it will be almost impossible to learn it, but now after a module with teacher Nina Maria I can say that I really want to learn it, because everything went from impossible to possible.

The fact that the teacher knows the Romanian language very well is extraordinary, it helps you in pronunciation and in understanding the grammar rules by comparing the 2 languages.

I warmly recommend the Vikingro Team!

Police Officer, Romania


I tried to learn Danish at two of the public language schools in Denmark, but I didn’t connect with any teacher as well as I did with Nina. The learning style is very professional and the teacher is very attentive to the wishes and learning pace of the students, adapting to the particularities of each of us.

Programmer, Denmark

The teacher deserves the highest mark because she provides a lot of useful information and is extremely patient. Even when I mistaked, she helped me to discover my lacks effectively and to gain confidence in myself and to continue learning Danish with enthusiasm. She makes the Danish language seem easy and attractive because she teaches in an organized manner, relaxed and this is an extremely useful method for learning a new foreign language. The fact that I could learn Danish ON LINE was also very useful for me, because it would have been extremely difficult to attend class courses every week.

Doctor, Romania


It was a very useful course. I learned very practical and useful things by hearing the original Danish. I recommend this course to all beginners of the Danish language because the basics of the language are very well taught.

High School Student, Romania


I really liked the course materials. The book has many colorful pictures and is well structured. I like that it includes different themes. The words are presented with the related pictures, then long texts from which I learned a lot of things. Although it has many exercises, this book is well structured by combining writing, reading with audio and speaking. I repeated and learned useful things from the Danish grammar, but also by always repeating with the teacher and doing many interesting, funny and useful exercises, I progressed little by little in understanding and speaking the Danish language.

Psychiatrist, Romania

The course is taught in a different way than a classical course in Romania. The flexibility of the approach allows and encourages your own pace. I confidently recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn Danish quickly and easily.

Doctor, Denmark


It is an interesting and interactive course that lays the foundations of the Danish language through communication. The teacher is very good and the teaching method is well structured.

High School Student, Romania


I recommend the course with confidence. I managed to learn a lot in a very short time. The fact that the teacher is a native Danish speaker helps a lot.

Architecture Student, Romania

I learned the Danish language with teacher Nina Maria and I warmly recommend VIKINGRO for their Danish language courses. Together with my husband and child we were able to learn Danish easily, in a pleasant atmosphere and in record time and most importantly in Romanian. In Denmark, the Danish language is initially taught in English, so I consider myself lucky because I learned Danish directly from the Romanian language and not least from a young and native Danish teacher.

Economist, Denmark


The course is superlative! The teacher is didactic, flexible, spontaneous and creative. I am very pleased.

Astrologer, Romania


A pleasant course, you know for sure that it will help you in the future!

High School Student, Romania


I was satisfied with the services. The teacher is active and adapts the course to the needs of each student.

High School Student, Romania


I recommend the company VIKINGRO if you want to go to Denmark.

High School Student, Romania

I learned the Danish language with Nina Maria and recommend with love the company VIKINGRO for their Danish courses. I was able to learn Danish in a relaxed atmosphere and in record time. I was able to answer questions from natives right after module 1.

Doctor, Denmark


Professionalism, seriousness and a pleasant atmosphere are the key words.

Economist, Denmark


Maximum professionalism, I recommend the course to anyone with confidence!

Sales Representative, Romania

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