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About the teacher

Hello, my name is Nina Maria Nielsen-Preda and I am a native Danish teacher. I was born in Denmark and grew up in a small town near Copenhagen. In 2010 I completed a Master’s degree in Psychology of Language Use at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen. Already at a young age I was very fond of foreign languages (Italian, English, German and French), probably because my parents were teachers of Russian, English, Psychology and History. From 2010-2013 I worked as a Danish teacher at various well-known schools in Copenhagen. I also taught Italian and I enjoyed working in a multicultural environment.

The period 2013 – 2023 was a very active period; I moved with my Romanian husband to Bucharest in Romania, I taught Danish at the Danish Embassy in Bucharest and at the same time I learned Romanian. In 2014, together with my husband, I founded the company VIKINGRO in order to offer Danish courses for Romanians and Romanian courses for Danes, both for children and adults. In 2017, we moved to Braşov, a very beautiful city in the heart of Transylvania, to be closer to nature and to learn more about the Romanian traditions. Between 2020 and 2023 we moved back to Denmark with our children because we wanted them to learn better Danish and to teach them about Danish traditions as well as to be closer to the Danish family again. Besides this, I missed my bike from Denmark, the clean, well-organized and marked bike paths, the classic food (rye bread, salmon, porridge, the famous sandwiches ‘’smørrebrød’’, the calm atmosphere on the street and in the society, and of course the beautiful sea, which is always close to the city.

In 2023 we returned to Romania, to Brașov to continue our Danish courses for Romanians and to develop new projects and partnerships in Romania within the field of education, because there is a greater need for this here in Romania than in Denmark. And to be honest, I also missed the active and friendly society of Romania, the mountains, the nature, the wide variety of tasty food, the sunny weather and the special people who I met here.

Course Description

We offer Danish language courses for small groups of 3-5 students and individual courses, online or in a classroom. The teacher has experience in teaching Danish to foreigners at various renowned Danish language schools in Copenhagen. Now she teaches Danish in Romania, directly in Romanian! The Danish teacher speaks also fluently English and has created a teaching material inspired by the best Danish language books, adding, of course, a Danish / Romanian glossary.

The course is addressed to all categories of people regardless of age and level of education, even for children from the age of 5. The course materials are adjusted to different ages and different education levels. The first modules focus mostly on oral language, dialogue and pronunciation, considering these a bit harder in Danish compared to other foreign languages.

The focus is on vocabulary, useful dialogues and expressions. To support fluency, the cours also includes reading and listening in order to understand the main message. The courses are interactive, challenging and fun, so that the students will be relaxed and motivated to learn the Danish language with pleasure.

Learners start at a beginner level where they learn to introduce themselves, to have common dialogues and use normal expressions. Then they continue to an intermediate level where they learn to hold most everyday conversations with a native Dane and to express their opinion. At the advanced level the students can express themselves orally and in writing at an academic level close to a native Danish speaker.

At the end of each course module, students will take an oral and written test and they will receive a diploma in Danish and a diploma in Romanian.


The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for defining language skills



The courses are held monthly or upon request, depending on the number of participants. The number of students in a class is minimum 3 and maximum 5. The group course starts as soon as a class of at least 3 students has been formed.

The courses take place twice a week, 2 sessions of 2 hours.

CLASS courses are currently suspended, because we are currently moving to a new office in Brașov and possibly also in Bucharest.

We offer ONLINE courses for people who live in other cities or countries, the course is taught on an online platform, in groups of 3-5 students or individually.

For registration and other details, please CONTACT US.


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