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About the teacher 

Hello, my name is Nina Maria Preda (before I was Nina Fabricius-Bjerre) and I’m a native Danish Teacher. I was born in a little city close to a lake and a forest about 25 km from Copenhagen. In my childhood I travelled a lot with my parents and after I grew up I have been living for a period in Italy, in Africa and in Mexico.

When I was 21 years old I moved to Copenhagen and at the age of 22 I started my BA in Italian Language and Culture followed by a MA in Psychology of Language Use. 

  • 2010 – I started working as a Danish and Italian Teacher. I have been working at different recognized schools in Denmark, and I was happy to work in a multi-cultural environment.
  • 2011 – I met my husband in Copenhagen. I knew then very little about Romania. He introduced me to the Romanian community in Denmark and I immediately felt at home. The first thing I noticed about Romanians was their hospitality and that they like to laugh. 
  • 2013 – I moved with my husband to Bucharest in Romania. Here I started teaching Danish at the Royal Danish Embassy as well as learning Romanian. It didn’t take long before I appreciated Romania, because it is a very beautiful country with very friendly and hard-working people. 
  • 2014 – we founded this company together. We offer Danish Language courses to Romanians and Romanian Language courses to Danes. I am happy to give people the possibility to travel and to work abroad. I teach children as well as adults and I love to see people develope! 
  • 2017 – we moved to Brasov, a very beautiful city in the heart of Transylvania. From Denmark I miss my bicycle, rye bread, smoked salmon, clean and organized streets, my family and of course the big ocean so close to the city. If I was to move away from Romania I would miss the mountains, salami from Sibiu, the warm spring, long summer, as well as all the great people I met here – and not to forget the language courses which I enjoy teaching to the Romanian people.

DANISH LANGUAGE Courses with Native Danish Teacher

We offer Danish courses in groups or individually in Brașov city and ONLINE. The teacher is a native Danish woman, with a Master Degree in Psychology of Language Use. The teacher has a wide experience of teaching Danish to foreigners from recognized Danish language schools in the Copenhagen area. 

Now she teaches Danish in Romania, directly from Romanian language! The Danish teacher speaks English as well as Romanian and has created a material inspired from the best Danish language manuals, adding of course a Danish/Romanian glossary.


The course aims at all categories of people, no matter age or educational level – even at children from 5 years and up. The materials are split into categories depending on the student’s age and educational level. The first modules focus on oral language, dialogue and pronunciation, considering these being a bit harder in Danish compared to other foreign languages.

To support fluency the courses include reading and listening with the scope of understanding the main message. Particular attention is put on vocabulary, useful dialogue and language structure.
The course is interactive, challenging and entertaining, making the student relaxed and motivated to learn with pleasure the Danish language.

The student takes off from a beginner level where he learns to present himself and can make useful dialogues and use expressions. He continues to a medium level, where he fluently can take part of a normal day-to-day conversation with a native Danish speaker, and ends up at the final level being able to communicate orally and in writing at an academic level close to that of a native Danish speaker.

At the end of each module the student will take a test and will receive a diploma in Danish and in Romanian language.


CEFR – The Common European Framework of Reference for languages,

read more here



The courses are organized monthly or at student request, according to number of participants. The number of students for a group course is minimum 3 and maximum 5. The group course starts when there are at least 3 persons registered.
Registration is done through payment of the first rate. The first rate is to be paid one week before the course begins and the second rate halfway through the module.


For the moment we don’t organize class courses due to the Covid-restrictions. Please press the button “Contact” on our home page to sign up for one of our ONLINE courses, which start every month.


For those who live in another city or another country we offer online courses on SKYPE in groups or individually. For further details please contact us.

For registration and other details please contact us.



(+4) 0754.595.752


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